March 28, 2011

Jewelry overdose at the vINTAGE rEVIVAL Trunk Show

My personal goal as a fashion blogger is to support independent designers that focus on craftsmanship and quality. And Paula Michelle (shown above) of vINTAGE rEVIVAL is no exception! We met in the Twitterverse a few months ago and shared a common I knew she had a jewelry line that was being sold on Etsy but when she tweeted me about her trunk show, I jumped at the opportunity to finally see her collection in person.

The trunk show was held at Per Populus Gallery, a hidden gem in Pilsen. It was the perfect venue for the artistic concept Paula had for the show. Prior to the event, Paula had photographer James Cox shoot the collection using a myriad of vintage props including a retro television, a vintage camera, old tennis rackets, vintage furniture and clothing. Using those same props, Paula recreated the photos to display her jewelry at the trunk show. It was genius!

vINTAGE rEVIVAL is a collection of spectacular statement jewelry created with elements from a prior era. Old locks and keys? Check. Vintage watch parts? Check. Crystal brooches and earrings? Double Check. Paula mixes these items with chains in varying sizes, styles and metals to build some of the most creative remixed jewelry I've encountered. Within the collection, you can expect to find necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches and even super-cool earring chain necklaces.

Of course, Paula was rockin' one of her own necklaces, which was a mix of glam and industrial.  It added the perfect amount of edge to her otherwise preppy look. 

Besides Paula, I spotted a few more fashionistas in the room wearing vINTAGE rEVIVAL.

How can you NOT love this stuff?!

And the beauty of it all is the fact that no two pieces are alike. As Paula proudly states on the vINTAGE rEVIVAL twitter page, each item is "1 of 1 just as the person wearing vINTAGE rEVIVAL". That level of exclusivity is unbeatable. Not only does that mean you won't catch anyone else wearing the same jewelry but also that when you see something you like, you better act fast! And if you have a design idea in your head, you'll be glad to know that Paula also takes custom orders. How fun would it be to collaborate with an amazing designer and have your design come to life?

Prices typically range from $60 - $275. However, the earring chain necklaces are priced as low as $40. Also, you can grab old skeleton key + ball chain necklaces for $25 a piece.

If you missed the trunk show, check out the vINTAGE rEVIVAL Etsy shop. There, you'll see even more of what Paula has to offer.  And remember, with customization, the possibilities are endless!

What I purchased...
As you know, I had already planned to purchase a brooch. Luckily, when I asked Paula to hold one of her kilt pin brooches for me, she kindly obliged. Then, I came to find out that it included a cameo pendant! There was no way she could have known I was looking for cameo jewelry. Clearly, the fashion gods told her.


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Anonymous Andrea @LuvSunflower said...

OH WOW! Showing Love to Paula and her awesome vintage pieces.

Nikia, your cameo pendant is gorg!!Cameo jewelry is so timeless.

vINTAGE rEVIVAL is a hit.

March 28, 2011 at 12:31 PM  
Blogger shesays said...

Oh my...DROOLING over these goodies. I absolutely love the use of the old keys! Fabulous purchase.

March 29, 2011 at 2:50 PM  
Blogger Kim {The Stylish Life} said...

I want it all!!! Will be visiting her Paula's Etsy shop ASAP. The more I try to save $$$ the more fab stuff keeps tempting me.

March 30, 2011 at 9:57 AM  

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