July 6, 2009

Do You "Glove" MJ?

After the passing of Michael Jackson - the world's greatest entertainer in my opinion - we all know there has been an overwhelming amount of t-shirts printed in his honor. That being said, the "I Glove MJ" tee is one of the most adorable things I've seen over the past few days. The metallic glove says it all!

As I was perusing Etsy, I came across The Aranovich Shop which is run by Alex Aranovich, designer of the "I Glove MJ" design concept. It is available in 4 colors - teal is my favorite - and the unisex sizing ranges from XXS to XL.

So, if you're looking for a way to pay homage to MJ through fashion, check out The Aranovich Shop on Etsy and hopefully you won't have too hard of a time deciding on which color to buy.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that any other sites with the "I Glove MJ" tee are indeed selling knockoffs. Support the original designer by only purchasing the tees at The Aranovich Shop on Etsy. Thanks. :-)

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