June 17, 2009

The Only Uniform I'd Like to Wear

I recently learned about an inspirational concept called 'The Uniform Project'. It involves a woman who has agreed to wear the same dress (her designer friend created 7 replicas) for 365 days in an effort to a) explore the theory of sustainable fashion and b) raise funds for the Akanksha Foundation - a non-profit organization committed to providing quality education to the slum children in India.

Now don't get me wrong, when I first heard about it, I had the misconception that she would look exactly the same EVERY DAY for a year. It was something that I would've never considered doing UNTIL I saw her photo gallery. She is literally reinventing the same dress each day by simply adding accessories or additional clothing under or over the dress. I am extremely impressed by her level of creativity. She has taught me a valuable lesson that I will share with you free of charge. :) We have enough (if not TOO much) clothes in our closets currently and all it takes is a little creativity and imagination to extend the life span of our existing wardrobe.

She's only about a month and a half into it but I will definitely be following her throughout the year to see how it goes.

To see the daily pics and find out more, visit www.theuniformproject.com and donate something while you're there.

Now, run and tell that to all of your girlfriends!

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