August 10, 2011

BabyDolls Boutique 4yr Anniversary Event - THIS WEEKEND

Here, at ChiTown Fashionista, I don't normally cover children's fashion. However, I recently received word about a boutique in Southport that offers fashion choices for children AND their moms. Smart move, don't you think?

BabyDolls Boutique (3727 N. Southport Ave.) offers the most adorable and unique items for the little ones as well as great jewelry and accessories for women.

Ladies, if you've never checked out this boutique, this weekend is the perfect time to do so! In celebration of their 4yr anniversary, BabyDolls Boutique is hosting back to back events. One that caters to children and another that has grownup fashionistas in mind.

So hop over there this Saturday with your mini-me and enjoy a day filled with fun and our favorite pastime, shopping! Could the weekend get any better?

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