November 1, 2011

Trendevous at Carson's: An unexpectedly great shopping experience for the department store skeptic

With Autumn in full swing, everyone is looking to update their wardrobes with items that keep them warm while maintaining their sense of style.

So, when Carson's in Yorktown Mall (Lombard, IL) invited me to Trendezvous, their Fall trend show, I was certainly curious to see what this department store had to offer this season.  As a shopper that tends to avoid department stores like the plague, I was highly impressed with the fashion show.  

I already expected the show to consist of items by designers such as Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, John Bartlett, Victor Alfaro, and the store's newest addition, Vince Camuto. But it was the use of Ford models and the coveted looks created by the Carson's styling team that pleasantly surprised me. The mixing of patterns, the execution of layering and subtle styling choices - like the fur infinity scarf worn off the shoulder - provided the audience with ideas on how to wear the trends this season.


Here are some of my favorite looks:

As soon as the runway show ended, everyone darted inside the store to shop the items that were showcased. Luckily, Carson's provided us with a cheat sheet that listed every single item that made its way down the runway. Smart move!

Many headed straight to the accessories, which is the best place to start if you want to update your wardrobe for the least amount of money. Socks, leggings and scarves were flying off the shelves. When speaking with some of the customers, I learned that I was not the only one enthralled by the styling. Many women revealed that the runway show helped them to envision how individual pieces can be worn in different ways and mixed with their existing items to create fresh looks.

Of course, I was also inspired to do a little shopping.

Here's a sample of what I spotted:

The enthusiasm of the shoppers, including myself, had me wondering "why doesn't every store have a trend show"? Hopefully, other retailers will catch on.

And just when I thought my Carson's experience couldn't get any better, there was an in-store Nine West Vintage America fashion show sponsored by Lucky Magazine. The magazine's Contributing Style Editor, Lori Bergamotto, flew in from New York to present the collection which consisted of easy-to-wear garments that were also great for layering. 

Can you guess which Nine West Vintage America item I purchased?

With the closing of the State Street Carson's store, city dwellers will have to make a trek to Yorktown Mall to shop all of these items in one spot. But their consistently great sales and accommodating staff (not to mention the insane amount of retail stores and restaurants in the surrounding area) definitely make it worth the trip!

Are you a department store shopper? Do you think trend shows help to boost sales?

*Special thanks to Lauren Sobota (Sales Area Manager) and Dave Schlaak (Store Manager) for their hospitality.

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Blogger Andrea said...

Loved the style of each ensemble. I have not shopped in a department store in a couple of years. And I definitely think that trend shows such as the one at (Carson's) Yorktown Mall could boost sales indeed.

BTW, I am guessing that you purchased the awesome white blouse (#1) of the fab poncho (#5).

November 1, 2011 at 2:46 PM  
Anonymous Afrobella said...

Great post and pics as always! You got that poncho, didn't you?! It is SO you

November 1, 2011 at 4:55 PM  

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