April 16, 2012

Brad to the Bone: Book Signing and Fun Facts with Brad Goreski

Celebrity stylist Brad Goreski first encountered fashion as a 12-year-old boy, captivated by the images in Vogue magazine. Since then, Goreski has emerged from his small town roots, breaking into the fashion industry as the style director of Rachel Zoe Inc. and transforming into a pop icon as a cast member of Bravo TV's The Rachel Zoe Project. Now, on the heels of the first season of his own reality show, It's a Brad Brad World, Brad has released his debut book, Born To Be Brad: My Life and Style, So Far.
Chitown Fashionista's Gabriel Charles Tyler posing with Brad Goreski at Brooks Brothers
Saturday evening, Goreski partnered with Brooks Brothers for a signing of his book,  Born to be Brad, which features the memoir of his humble beginnings, the story behind becoming Brad Goreski, tips to making it in the fashion industry and a style Bible. The evening was very Brad — guests were given Brad-esque cookies in the shape of bow ties and oversized glasses frames, while they waited in a line that swung onto the streets of Michigan Avenue to connect with the celebrity stylist. 

The lovely Tabitha Green of Defining Tabitha with Gabriel
 And in true Brad fashion, every book was signed with a hot pink Sharpie.

Brad focusing on perfecting every message to his fans
Goreski, 34, comes from Port Perry, a small town in Ontario, Canada with a population of 9,500. His life in LA and jet-setting across the globe is very different from his childhood, but  Brad hasn’t forgotten his roots.

“I very much enjoy where I’m at and the experiences I get to have because I am from a small town and I always wanted to bust out of that town and see the world. I feel like I appreciate things a lot, and the experiences never pass by me. I try to take everything in,” Brad said.

The celebrity stylist also comes from a small family, and although he no longer lives in the same city as them, he remains close to his grandmother, parents and sister. Brad dedicated the book to his mother, sister, grandmother and women like his first grade teacher, Mrs. Chandler, who he says helped him discover that it was okay to love and be himself. His family and friends are important to him.

“A lot of my friends still live there. My family still lives in the town I grew up in, and I feel very lucky that I get to go out and see so much of the world and meet so many great people,” Goreski said. “When I go back home, it’s just like when I’m at home with Gary — it’s my family. They enjoy seeing me.”

Brad recently visited his hometown as a stop on his book tour. While visiting his grandmother, he got a surprise.

“My grandma got a really big kick out of all the people in the nursing home coming in to say hi to me. That was really sweet,” Goreski said.

Brad doesn’t mind the attention — he’s opened up his life to people worldwide on his reality show. Since his departure from Rachel Zoe Inc., he’s focused on building his brand, clientele and his relationship with longtime partner Gary Janetti, a successful writer for TV shows such as Family Guy and Will and Grace. His latest venture has found him collaborating with Kate Spade as their brand stylist.

When asked if he planned on working with any other brands, Brad said, “Not at the moment. Maybe down the road if the right brand approaches me and it seems like a good match… then absolutely. But right now between the book tour, the TV show, my clients and editorial work, everything’s pretty busy at the moment.”

Brad is definitely no stranger to living in the fast lane. During summer breaks while attending the University of Southern California, Brad interned in the New York offices of Vogue and W magazines. After graduating with a B.A. in Art History, he landed a position as the Vogue West Coast assistant, leading to a chance meeting with stylist Rachel Zoe, who Brad began working for in 2008. 

The cover of Goreski's debut book
No matter where Brad is or what he was doing, he has always been Brad, and it’s that sentiment that lead to the title of his book and television show.

“The book’s title comes from ‘Born to be Bad,’ but it’s a play on words… and ‘It’s a Brad Brad World’ comes from ‘It’s a Bad Bad World.’ I think it’s funny that my name rhymes with so many things that are iconic titles already, and so it’s kind of like a wink wink, nudge nudge thing,” Goreski said.

The book transitions between stories of Brad’s life in the industry and style tips. For  those of you who have wondered, Goreski is not a bow tie snob (a bow tie elitist who advocates for self-tie bow ties.) Although he loves bow ties and is known for donning some unique pieces, he’s down for all type of bow ties including pre-tied ones.

“I have clip-on, I have pre-tied. I have ones that you tie yourself. I have some that are vintage with a piece of elastic around them. I have all kinds of them,” Brad said.

Brad said for the Spring/ Summer season, he’s gushing over prints and vibrant, bold colors.

“You know, obviously I’m a big fan of color, and that sort of transitions from season to season," Goreski said. “I love prints! I think prints for men and women is a really strong trend. It’s something I’ll definitely be wearing a lot of.”

Brad's debut book features all the qualities that has made Goreski a fashion and pop icon — it's transparent regarding his struggles, it's full of photos and colorful like Brad, and it's unconventional, yet refreshing.

For more style tips and stories on how Brad broke into the fashion industry, get your copy of Born To Be Brad: My Life and Style, So Far today at any of the major bookstores or online.

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