November 30, 2009

Bow Earrings - Designer vs. Etsy...Who wins?

I typically love bold jewelry. But when it comes to earrings, I tend to gravitate more towards items with dainty yet feminine details. That being said, I'm SO into the latest bow trend in jewelry (and fashion as well).

The Marc Jacobs Metal Bow Stud Earrings (shown above) were the first ones to catch my eye. Seeing that they are currently sold out on the Piperlime and Bloomindale's websites, it is clear that these are very popular with consumers. Luckily, they are still available at for $44 - although, I don't know how much longer they will be in stock.

Now, with me being a bargain shopper and lover of all things handmade, I HAD to pay a visit to Etsy to see if any sellers were offering any one-of-a-kind bow earrings at a great price. As usual, Etsy delivered!!

Here are some of my favorites:

Available at FleurAvenue's Etsy shop for $14.50

Available at candysart's Etsy shop for $17.00

Available at LittleMandCo's Etsy shop for $14.00

Available at Sumikoshop's Etsy shop for $17.50

Let me know if you're lovin' this bow trend as much as I am. And if so, which pair of earrings has your name on it?

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