October 26, 2009

Extremely Chic Plaid (inspired by RSVP Bella Rain Boots)

Today, I received an email from 6pm.com advertising several sales including one on RSVP shoes. I usually ignore these emails but decided to follow the link out of curiosity. Luckily, I came across the RSVP Bella Rain Boot for only $9.95! I've been wanting a pair of rain boots but didn't want to pay much for them. With THAT price, I picked up a total of 4 pairs (1 for myself and 3 for my loved ones). Of course, I had to send out a "Sale Alert" to my Twitter and Facebook fashionistas. The news spread like wildfire! Within a few hours, the boots were sold out. I couldn't even view the site to pull the pictures for this blog post but fortunately was able to find some photos on glimpse.com. Whew! *wiping forehead*

A friend asked me to let her know if I find a coat to go with the green boots. I automatically thought that a plaid cape or jacket would be PERFECT! So, I decided to scour the net to find a couple options for the red, navy AND green boots and post them for those of you that were lucky enough to scoop up a pair.

One should never be afraid of color. There's always a way to make it work!

Check out my selections below and if you stumble across any other fabulous coats or jackets, let me know. A girl likes to have options, you know.


Forever 21: Cape Sleeve Plaid Coat - $42.80
American Eagle: Plaid Peacoat - $129.50


ModCloth: Cape Paid-era - $72.99
ModCloth: Best I Ever Plaid Coat - $87.99


Modcloth: Dalby Forest Coat - $114.99
Buckle: Jack B.B. Dakota Lei Coat - $44.62


The RSVP Bella Boot is still available at 6pm.com for less than $20! Click here to get your hands on them.

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