March 2, 2010

Celebrating Black History Through Fashion - Finale (My Parents & Final Thoughts)

For my final post in this series, I wanted to post a photo of my parents. When I saw this prom picture, I knew this would be the one. They're so very fabulous! Talk about color coordination...LOL! Mom is workin' it with the classic pearl studs to match the pearl trim on her dress. And dad has serious swagger with his textured jacket. I just need to understand why my mom's afro is SO tight!!!

I can't believe February went by so fast!! I've really enjoyed presenting the "Celebrating Black History Through Fashion" series (click here to view all of the posts). When the concept came to me, I never thought it would receive such a huge positive response from my readers...but I'm so glad it did. This series has resulted in an increase in exposure as well as opportunities for ChiTown Fashionista and I have my fashionably fabulous readers to thank for spreading the word.

There are many more photos that I'd love to share but I'll save those for February 2011. Then again, I may post some periodically throughout the year because Black History should be celebrated every month!! Wouldn't you agree?

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