August 26, 2010

Two-finger rings at Banana Republic? The trend must be here to stay.

Two-finger rings have increased in popularity over the past few months. What was once considered strictly urban wear (80s Hip-Hop, anyone?) is now mainstream. Designers like Erica Anenberg have flipped the two-finger ring to a point where it is now suitable for a night out on the town or cocktail party.

Banana Republic has recently joined the crowd and is offering its own version, the Baguette Bridge Ring. Besides the baguettes, I appreciate the space in between the fingers, which allows for a better fit and a tad more wiggle room. They look great individually but I'd probably be the one to buy two of the same ring and stack them for a bolder statement.

When a large retailer like Banana Republic, who typically caters to the professional woman, embraces a streetwear trend, it becomes popular amongst a broader audience. And that contributes to the trend's longevity.

What do you think? Have you embraced the two-finger ring trend? How long do you think this phenomenon will last?



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I me

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