May 6, 2011

[Shoe Swoon] Miu Miu Cracked Leather Pumps

This edition of "Shoe Swoon" features a shoe that I actually purchased.  However, after several attempts of trying to justify squeezing my feet in them, I've decided to find them a better home and list them on eBay.

With a retail price of $435, this cracked leather pump is everything! It is the perfect metallic, works equally well with jeans or a pencil skirt, and shows a bit of toe cleavage. 

Plus, the designer is Miu Miu!

Prada's little sister = high quality Italian leather + the envy of all your friends

Mosey on over to eBay to get in on the bidding! Not a size 9? Pass it along to your size 9 friends. SOMEone needs to have these beauties!



Blogger Trés Awesome a Chicago Street Style Blog said...

You are a no nonsense lady Nikia. I have TONS of shoes in my closet that are basically unwearable but I hold on to them in the hope that my feet will shrink one day!

Très Awesome - A Chicago Street Style Blog

May 7, 2011 at 10:46 PM  

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