November 2, 2011

Anna Fong presents "A Mayan Tale"

Fashion Focus Week 2011 quickly came to end, and if you've ever believed in saving the best for last, you would have been pleased with Anna Fong's "A Mayan Tale" Collection Preview presented at the historical Renaissance Blackstone Hotel.

Anna Fong is an emerging designer whose ability to tell a story well has set her apart from many of her local contemporaries. She has been known to put a modern twist on a vintage look, which rings true in her latest collection, "A Mayan Tale."

Anna said she was inspired by her recent journey to Guatemala, where she learned about her heritage and translated that sense of identity and knowing into designs full of vibrant hues, timeless shapes and rich fabrics. There is no doubt that Anna can construct a well-designed piece.


The show opened with a surprising, yet fitting traditional, tribal Mayan dance. Although it was so unexpected, it added a nice touch to the event, the overall theme and Anna's desire to weave together a complete story. It was like a journey through time and space, connecting the crowd to the past in the present, before Anna showcased fashion's "next." The tribal dance stole the show.

View a video of the tribal dance below captured by Jared Hatch.

Overall, the show was great. Anna played with the arrangement of the models, who strut the runway in a number of different patterns instead of walking it traditionally. It all told a story.

I bumped into a number of people during the night, including Arianna Green of Assata Designs and Ana Fonua of Chi Style Maven. I never turn down photo ops with beautiful women.

In the photo below, you can really see the inspiration behind Anna's latest collection. Look at the fabrics, the patterns and the cuts.

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