January 23, 2012

JewelMint: Get a Monthly Dose of Trendy Jewelry

By now, you've probably heard of the many entities under the BeachMint umbrella: JewelMint, StyleMint, BeautyMint and ShoeMint.

As an accessories junkie and somewhat of a jewelry hoarder, I decided that the best way to get acquainted with the BeachMint family would be through JewelMint, an ever-changing jewelry collection designed by actress, Kate Bosworth and her stylist, Cher Coulter.

[here's how it works]

After completing a Style Profile - which is established using the results of a survey that helps to determine your personal style - you are presented with jewelry recommendations in your virtual showroom.  And if you're like me and want to see what else is currently being offered, you have the option to view more items and add them to your showroom for future purchase.

Once you purchase your first item, you buy in to the monthly service that allows you to receive a new piece of jewelry for only $29.99. The service is flexible so you are free to skip months if nothing strikes your fancy. You will also receive periodic emails that announce the sales that occur on what seems like a weekly basis. So you also gain the opportunity to purchase numerous items at a discount.

[my experience]

After viewing the recommendations, I decided on the "Call to Arms" bracelet (shown above).  The lovely team at JewelMint sent it to me for review and I must say that I am impressed with the quality.  The bracelet is not heavy but it definitely feels substantial. It is the perfect size to be worn alone or stacked with an arm full of bracelets. I'm also a fan of the JewelMint packaging and branding. They certainly put much thought into the details.

In terms of shopping the site, I have noticed that items move quickly. If you see something you want, act fast because it won't be around for long.

Here are a few more items that caught my eye recently.

Nice variety, right?

To entice you even more, JewelMint and the Chicago Mint Brand Ambassador Team are offering ChiTown Fashionista readers 50% off the first month! When you're ready to checkout, use code chicago990* to get $15 off your total.

So get to shopping and let me know how your first JewelMint experience goes!

*discount code expires 3/31/12

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Anonymous Nicole said...

Thanks for posting about this! I have been wanting to know more about the "mint" lines. The jewelry looks really cute, but are you locked in for a certain amount of months? Any cancellation fees?

January 23, 2012 at 10:01 AM  
Blogger ChiTown Fashionista said...

Hi Nicole!

You are not obligated for any ceryain amount of time. You can cancel at any point and will not be penalized for doing so.

January 23, 2012 at 10:19 AM  

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