November 18, 2008

Poll Results: Who Would You Buy?

My latest poll asked the following question:

"If you had the allowance to buy one pair of high-end shoes, who would you buy?"

Based on the results, it appears that one-third of you would purchase one of my favorite shoe designers, Manolo Blahnik. Meanwhile, there is another one-third that would rather spend the money on mid-priced shoes to get more bang for the buck. After much contemplation, I think I would agree with the latter group. I am a firm believer that quality is indeed more important than quantity but the bargain shopper in me would want to spend the money on multiple pairs of shoes. Therefore, my conclusion is that regardless of how you voted, you made a wise decision. :)

Now, for the poll results...

Manolo Blahnik - 33%
Christian Louboutin - 16%
Jimmy Choo - 0%
Giuseppe Zanotti - 0%
Other - 16%
Spend on multiple mid-priced shoes - 33%

And for those of you that chose 'Other', I'm curious to know for which designer you'd rather empty your bank account. So, feel free to leave a comment to represent your favorite high-end shoe designer.



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