October 2, 2010

Online Shopping Just Became a Little More Exciting: ASOS Launches U.S. Site & NM Last Call Is Now Online

This is the most exciting online shopping news I've shared in awhile! As if we needed any more sites to feed our shopping addiction. 

ASOS.com Launches a U.S. Site

As you know, ASOS has the largest selection of any existing online store.  This UK-based retailer has been around since 2000 and is deemed as "the world's biggest wardrobe".  Over the years, ASOS has become increasingly popular amongst U.S. shoppers looking for up-to-date fashion at reasonable prices and a wide range of sizes.  With its constant product updates, many (including myself) visit ASOS on a weekly basis to check out new additions.  However, U.S. customers have always had issues with the cost of shipping (especially for returns) and the uncertainty associated with UK size and price conversions.  With the launch of the U.S. site, customers in the States can now shop with ease.  Free U.S. shipping is available BOTH WAYS. Additionally, U.S. sizing is provided and USD pricing is the default. Click here to start shopping!

Side Note: I'm sure this news has every other U.S. retailer shaking in their boots.  Oh well, maybe the competition will force them to step their game up.

Neiman Marcus Last Call is Now Online

For shoppers looking to get first dibs on all the Neiman Marcus castaways, Neiman Marcus Last Call is a dream come true. High-end designer wares available at deep discounts? Sign me up. Unfortunately, the Last Call locations are few and far between.  Therefore,  most shoppers have to travel a great distance (for us, it's Gurnee Mills, IL) to take advantage of  the great deals.  Considered as a groundbreaking move within the department store discount world, Neiman Marcus Last Call has taken to the world wide web.  Shoppers can peruse and purchase items at any time, from any place.  The site will also include "Fashion Dash", which consists of limited-time sales for registered users to shop exclusive deals - even more incentive to visit and bookmark this site. Click here to start your designer discount shopping experience.

Side Note: Will Nordstrom Rack and Off 5th follow suit?  Let's keep our fingers AND toes crossed. 

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