February 22, 2011

RAHMBO for Mayor ...Or at least for a t-shirt

With the mayoral election occurring today, I find it most appropriate to share with you the latest t-shirt design from the ever fabulous and always cheeky Shrink Boutique.

Meet "RAHMBO"!

"One of the most interesting and colorful characters in politics right now, Rahm Emanuel is featured in this t-shirt designed by us, Shrink Boutique. With Chicago being our original home, we wanted to rep for the city and celebrate one of the most exciting candidates Chicago has had in many years. Love him or hate him, you can at least show your love for f-bombs when rocking the RAHMBO tee."

Whether he wins or loses, you must admit he deserves an 'A' for effort. Visit ShrinkBoutique.com to purchase the tee.

And don't forget to rock the vote today!

**please note, this is not a Rahm Emanuel endorsement. this post is all in the name of fashion.**



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