March 1, 2011

A Reader's Request Answered - Hunting for the perfect silver cocktail dress

For this Reader Request*, I was asked to find a silver cocktail dress for under $125.

Naturally, the fashionista in me had to layer my own personal stipulations on top of the original request.

And they go a little something like this:
1. The dress can NOT look cheap - which is easy to do when it comes to silver fabric.
2. The dress can NOT look like a prom or bridesmaid dress.
3. The dress MUST be versatile and stylish enough to be worn on many occasions.

Here's what I found.

The SOCIALITE: Hammered Metal Ruffle Bust Dress by Anne Klein - $111

The GLAM GIRL: Sequin Dress by Jessica Simpson - $83

The PARTY GIRL: Silver Cocktail Dress by Greylin - $110

I must admit, this was a challenging request. It is somewhat difficult to find a silver dress at that price point that looks well-made. But I accomplished it!

What do you think about my picks? Do you have any other suggestions on where to find amazing cocktail dresses at an affordable price?

*If you loathe shopping online or are on the hunt to find a specific something or other, email me at I'll be glad to help!

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Anonymous Andrea @LuvSunflower said...

Please take a bow...awesome picks Nikia.

I would personally be The Glam Girl and wear the Jessica Simpson dress myself. I've purchased cocktail dresses from Caché in the past.

March 1, 2011 at 3:18 PM  
Anonymous Chandra said...

I love all three picks with the Jessica Simpson selection as my favorite; however, I think they are all excellent choices!!


March 2, 2011 at 1:28 AM  

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