November 3, 2011

The Art of Fashion: Chicago Designers Up the Ante

The finale headlining show for Fashion Focus was The Art of Fashion hosted by and it was certainly impressive!  The sold out crowd descended upon Millennium Park to preview the Spring 2012 collections of some of Chicago's best established designers: SWABY, Squasht by Les, Lara Miller, Borris Powell, RÜCH, Zamrie, Eva Pazola, Nora del Busto, Sylwia W., Nade Baer.

Sidenote: I must admit, I had the highest expectation and anticipation for SWABY.  Designer, and former Project Runway Canada contestant,  Shernett Swaby has been on my radar for over 2 years. I own one of her handbags and truly appreciate the level of detail she incorporates in every piece. Even though she's been in Chicago for over awhile, it was her first fashion show here. So, I couldn't wait to see her looks walk the runway.

These designers did not disappoint! There was at least one item in each collection that I would be willing to purchase right off the runway.  The show represented the versatility of the Chicago fashion scene. From the practical every day wear by Lara Miller and Zamrie to the avant garde looks presented by SWABY and Nora Del Busto, there was something for every woman.

Some of the highlights included the unique, origami-like folding technique shown throughout SWABY's collection (the garments looked equally good coming and going); the convertible pieces created by Lara Miller (one item went from sweater to poncho to skirt by the time the model hit the end of the runway); the lace, mod shift dress by Eva Pazola; and the body con pieces by RÜCH, which were beautifully constructed and would appeal to women of all shapes and sizes. The breathtaking yellow dresses by Borris Powell and colorful lace dresses by Sylwia W. were a resounding reminder of why dressing up makes us feel and look so good.

Check out some of the high points:



Sylwia W.
Squasht by Les
Lara Miller

Nora del Busto
Borris Powell

Eva Pazola
designer Sylvia W. (left) with model

Click HERE to view more photos!

In addition to their Spring 2012 collection, each designer was given the task of creating a concept piece. Giving them the freedom to create something without limitations proved to be a win! My favorite concept looks were from SWABY and Nora del Busto, which both consisted of insane ruffles in the back - great for a dramatic exit. With a few tweaks, I could envision each one selling commercially. 

SWABY (left) and Nora del Busto

The Art of Fashion was the perfect end to the week-long Fashion Focus festivities. The designers represented well for the Windy City and proved that Chicago is indeed a fashion city.

Which designer was your personal favorite?

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Blogger Piper Alexander said...

I think that platinum model works @ my Whole Foods! This stuff is really gorge.

November 3, 2011 at 4:31 PM  
Anonymous Jac said...

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November 4, 2011 at 12:15 PM  

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