February 27, 2012

Celebrating Black History Through Fashion: House Party Hosting

This retro photo was submitted by my fellow fashion and music junkie, Lenora.

Read why this is one of her most coveted photos:

So here is one of my most favorite pictures ever. It is of my Grandpa Leonard and Granny circa 1962 at one of the many house parties they would either throw or attend, which I understand was full of dancing and roaring good times. Love everything about this picture, namely how lovely and proud my grandparents looked.  It definitely takes me back to a time when men dressed like men and women dressed like ladies. My Grandpa looks so handsome smiling next to my Granny, who is just beautiful in her belted suit and pearls, so timeless. My Granny was always so glamorous and certainly my very first style icon. I have the fondest memories of playing in all her gorgeous minks and the stunning jewelry on her vanity, much of which I wear to this very day.

Look at Granny working that self-made peplum look! This photo definitely captures the couple's style and charismatic personalities. Oh, what I wouldn't give to a) attend one of those house parties and b) sift through Granny's accessories.

Thanks, Lenora, for sharing a piece of your personal history.

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Blogger Lenora Houseworth said...

Heart this! Love all your Black History posts, Nikia. Thank you!

February 27, 2012 at 11:45 AM  

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