March 24, 2010

Go TRIBAL with ken&dana design

Amidst my hectic work schedule, pending blog posts and life in general, sometimes I encounter something that makes me want to stop everything and blog IMMEDIATELY. That's how I felt this morning when I received an email from ken&dana design introducing their new TRIBAL Collection. ken&dana design triggered my fashion radar last month and their RIGHTS Collection inspired this blog post.

The new TRIBAL Collection left me speechless. I was in awe of the beauty and grandeur of each piece. According to their website, this collection was inspired by a 1984 article in National Geographic entitled "Africa Adorned" that discussed how accessories are a means of communications in African culture. Being that I love African-inspired as well as bold jewelry, there's really no need to mention that I literally want the entire collection!

Do NOT be taken aback by the price range of the collection ($65 to $325) because not only are the items aesthetically beautiful but the quality of the materials used in their creation make them worth every penny. Crystal, smoky quartz, blue and red tiger's eye and natural rough cut amethyst are some of the elements used in this collection. This jewelry is indeed heirloom status. You'll want your children and children's children to experience this.

Some of my favorites include the Crystal and Lion-Head Pendant Necklace (the pendant is reminiscent of a door knocker), Geometric Bib Necklace (the chain bib allows for boldness without the weight), Two-Finger Knuckle Duster Ring (the striking geometric design covers both fingers without confining them) and Two-Tone Texture Handcuff Bangle (I've never seen a handcuff look so lovely).

Click here to view the entire TRIBAL collection. With a total of 30 pieces, I guarantee you'll fall in love with at least one item. Once you check it out, please come back and let me know which one is YOUR favorite.

Happy Shopping!



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