October 21, 2010

Fashion Focus 2010 CFI Runway Show: Past + Present = Future

As the first official runway show for Fashion Focus 2010, the Chicago Fashion Incubator designers kicked off the week in major style! The CFI at Macy's is a year-long program that was created to help catapult the careers of local emerging artists via access to a workspace, showroom, resources and mentors.  This week's runway show provided consumers, potential buyers and media an opportunity to see what both the current and alumni designers have in store for Spring 2011.

The show started with the alumni designers, which included fan favorites like Agga B., Audey and Anna Hovet. Then, followed the current designers who showcased everything from menswear to garters.  Practicality and wearability were the resounding themes throughout most of the collections.  Although there was an abundance of black, color found its place on the runway via designers such as Audey, Nora del Busto and Evil Kitty. Menswear also had a "shine moment" when designer Donaldo Smith of Killian Gui showed us how a button-up shirt could be remixed numerous ways and still remain classic.  A few items such as the cutout sleeve dress by Agga B., the full skirted dress by Kristin Hassan and virtually every lingerie outfit by Dottie's Delights triggered some oos and aahs...there really is nothing like hearing an in-sync reaction from such a large crowd. Accessories were the supporting actors to the clothing. With all the quirky headpieces, funky shades, petticoats and caged tights, Chicago will be having some serious fun this Spring.

The talent showcased by the CFI participants, both past and present, is helping to make the future of Chicago fashion even brighter.

Let's take to the runway, shall we?

Agga B. (alumni)
The cutout sleeve dress (which is gorgeous coming and going), the long fur vest as well as the black dress with exaggerated fur shoulders turned me into an immediate fan. Basically, I wanted one of everything! This designer garnered so much buzz after the show. I think it's safe to say that Agga B. was the favorite amongst many. 

Miriam Cecilia (current)
One word...MICA!!  Miriam Cecilia used the impressive mineral in every look. Mica on the hips, up the back, around the neck, around the waist...you get the point.  Although the mineral embellishments took center stage, it did not overshadow the construction of the garments.  I loved the draping. But most of all, I loved the puff shoulders on the mini dresses.  The perfect feminine touch.

Killian Gui (current)
Who knew a men's button-up could be revamped so many different ways?! The pinstripe tuxedo bib had me at ""hello". Both the shirt with the unique placket detail (is that a 'K' for Killian?) and the one with raglan sleeves introduced casual elements to a classic wardrobe item.  Every man needs to own at least one of these shirts. I mean, really.

Dottie's Delights (current)
Lingerie so pretty, you'd want to wear it as outerwear. There was something for every woman, from power broker to princess.

Nora del Busto (alumni)
I was enamored with the colors, the caged detail on the sleeves and the black and white graphic print.

Audey (alumni)
Audey consistently delivers colorful, fun and flirty dresses.  Do they not have the prettiest prints?!

Evil Kitty (alumni)
Just. Plain. Fun. From the caged tights to the hot pink dress with the tube detail to the hot pink shrug with dinosaur-like spikes.

Kate Boggiano (alumni)
Ruffles! In coral. In gingham.On the neckline of the full skirted trench coat.  These items could work well for women of many different ages.

C/FAN (current)
A silk scarf draped cardigan with a jersey drape pant...trip to Miami, anyone?

Kristin Hassan (alumni)
This black dress brought the drama.

Nonnie Threads (current)
For the cool kids!

Alidade (current)
Casual and comfortable while still remaining chic.

Anna Hovet (alumni)
I want the hooded bolero and the jersey asymmetrical-hem skort (perhaps to wear with one of these t-shirts I've been lusting over) .  I'm not quite sure where I'd wear them...but I want them, nonetheless.

Did you make it to the CFI show? Who were your favorites?

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Blogger Fashion Therapist said...

Great pics! I wish I could have gone, but this week is crazy. Glad you're able to share with us though.

October 21, 2010 at 9:56 AM  
Anonymous tembisboutique said...

the fashion show was great, i think i fell in luv with agga b

October 21, 2010 at 10:34 AM  

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