November 28, 2010

Guest Blogger: Top Picks from London Fashion Week SS 2011

Although the temperatures are dropping, guest blogger SinnamonS is back to take you to a warmer season with her favorites from London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011!

Mark Fast

Mark Fast for Spring/Summer 2011 did what he is best known for by giving us a strange-yet-showgirl look with a collection that was completely knitwear and fringe. Mark Fast had an interesting influence for this collection: “a utopia destroyed by acid rain”. Mark Fast's past collections have also been knitwear but with more of an open woven technique. However, this collection, which used various shapes and techniques, made the clothing look more like a solid piece of fabric and not just a piece of knitwear. Fringe was a trend seen many times during fashion week from designers such as Ralph Lauren and Roberto Cavalli. And Mark Fast followed suit. He used it throughout the collection - offering up variations of color and pattern structure in every piece.  Mark designs by hand on a domestic knitting machine - which means you are getting a personal touch with every piece. With his use of plastic inserts and Swarovski crystals, the collection blurred the line between showgirl and futuristic bad girl.

London Fashion Week always provides new faces and seeing Mark Fast on the runway this season was no surprise. Being that this is his 4th season, Mark still has a lot to prove as a designer. Overall Mark Fast showed a wide range of looks from pants to dresses and even threw in a piece of swimwear. Stylists will have their hands full with this line but I'm sure we will see a country star like Carrie Underwood or someone like Nicki Minaj in one of his body conscious pieces soon. I’m excited to see what happens with Mark and I look forward to much more!

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Todd Lynn

If you wanted a look into the future, Todd Lynn for Spring/Summer 2011 gave you just that. For this collection, Todd Lynn showed his most severe silhouettes yet. The show notes promised lots of snakeskin and contrasting textures and did not disappoint. With muted metallics and earth tones, Lynn's collection was not very reflective of spring and summer. It seemed to be more appropriate for fall but, nevertheless, it was interesting and wearable with a futuristic twist. He used a variation of some of my favorite fabrics like snakeskin, leather, linen and Italian cotton. These textures are typically seen in a fall collection but he somehow made it appropriate for spring/summer. The designer named his collection “Genesis Redux”, describing the clothes as beautiful new creatures. The models graced the runway with Louboutin watersnake heels, which unsurprisingly added flare and excitement to the show! The women's dresses and suits looked like a second skin or a protective shield and the men's metallic jackets seemed to serve as protective armour, contributing to the futuristic look of the collection. Although the collection looks complicated and sharp, the fabrics are soft and flexible enough to be wearable.

London Fashion Week puts the edgy designers in the forefront and Todd Lynn definitely stepped up to the plate with this one! His clients include heavy hitters like U2, The Rolling Stones and Marilyn Manson. Hopefully he can add SinnamonS to that roster.

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Burberry is known for sticking to their classic style but with an added twist. For Spring/Summer 2011, Burberry did just that. The title of the collection was "Heritage Biker" and Christopher Bailey took Burberry to a whole new level. From the normal military style jackets and iconic trenches to a fitted jacket heavily studded on the shoulders or with quilted sleeve panels constructed with leather and python. With this collection, the typical Burberry woman had been left at the door to play outside with the children. A new woman had emerged from Burberry as younger, fresh and edgy. Burberry's new girl rocked 6-inch killer heels, animal prints, motorcycle jackets, spiked military jackets & skinny leather pants. With the pops of color from the clutches and belts, this show proved to be full of life! The nod to glam rock was expressed time and time again with silver versions of various pieces, while motocross padding continued from the jackets onto skinny leather trousers. Leopard print mini dresses with harness-like straps were perfect for the party girl.

Christopher Bailey proved that he is not a one dimensional designer and he shed the idea of Burberry being solely for the English or American housewife. He also proved that he is a global powerhouse who has a strong eye for street trends and produces items that appeal to more than just the consumer base.

Additionally, Burberry’s embrace of technology is inspiring.  They not only streamed live on their website, but also in their worldwide stores including London, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris and Dubai. Also, consumers with the Burberry iPad and iPhone applications were able to buy certain items immediately off the runway to be delivered seven weeks after their order was placed.

The brilliance of Bailey is in his ability to translate the heritage of Burberry into the trendiest of contemporary fashion today. This was a fantastic show! Make sure you check out the Burberry in Chicago (633 N. Michigan Ave) for more looks from the runway.

Click here to view the runway show. For more info, visit

-Shanna S. aka SinnamonS
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Anonymous Chandra said...

Wow! What a wonderfully detailed post! I am suuuuper interested in Burberry's look. It's interesting to see how they are evolving. I've always seen Burberry as "classic" but their latest changes seem very modern without losing touch with its classics (like the trench coat). I love how that bright turquoise belt is paired with the trench coat.


November 29, 2010 at 12:39 AM  
Anonymous Kim @ said...

I love Mark Fast (never heard of him before) and Burberry. I love how LFW is a litte more to the left than the collections that are presented in New York.

November 29, 2010 at 10:34 AM  
Anonymous SINNAMONS said...

Thank you for the swell comments! I truly appreciate the feedback

November 30, 2010 at 3:46 AM  

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