February 29, 2012

Celebrating Black History Through Fashion: Two Peas in a Stylish Pod

This adorable photo was submitted by my girl (and queen of satire), Kim aka @AGirlAboutStyle.

Read her quick trip down memory lane:

This picture of my cousin Marc and me (age 3) was taken by my cousin Delilah (Marc's mom). 

Marc's pose and smile reminds me of a catalog model.  I always enjoyed going to visit my cousins, they spoiled me and there weren't as many rules at their house. The Soul Sister blacklight painting used to scare me and I remember there were orange and amber beads hanging in the doorway to the living room that I loved running through. This photo makes me smile, I look like I'm on the verge of cracking up. I love the nostalgia. The seventies are so well represented here. Can you dig it? 

We certainly dig it, Kim! Her love affair with style clearly began at a young age. And Marc? That white belt and popped collar shows that his cool sense of style was far beyond his years.   

Two peas in a stylish pod!

P.S. I have officially added that Soul Sister poster to my wishlist.

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