April 30, 2009

Simple Transition from Day to Night

For my first Polyvore set, I chose to pull together two looks using a simple white tank and dark denim skinny jeans. It just goes to show that, with a little tweaking of the accessories, this outfit can work both day and night.


April 27, 2009

The Handheld Accessory

Every fashionista knows that the clutch is the most chic of all handbags. It is not the most convenient or the most practical of handbags; but then again, how often is making a fashion statement EVER about convenience and practicality.

When it comes to clutches, my motto is..."more is more". Bright colors and/or unique patterns usually represent a sense of self-confidence and personal style. Although, the Marni clutch shown above retails for over $1000, it inspires us all to go against the grain this season and opt for more color in our handbags and to look for unique yet beautiful craftsmanship.

Below are a few of the clutches that I am currently salivating over. Although they are less expensive than the Marni bag, they do not skimp on style, individuality nor longevity. These clutches will make a fashion statement for years to come. Go ahead and treat yourself to one of these lovelies. Just don't carry yours the same day I carry mines. Deal? :)

AKIRA Hand Clutch - $34

Kimchi Tie Dye Clutch - $68

Bo Bo Bags Rose Clutch - $130

Vyntage Finger Hole Clutch - $130


April 21, 2009

I Adore-a J.TORA

My latest Etsy find is J.TORA. If you are looking for bold and funky jewelry to add a little life to your wardrobe, J.TORA has something for you! The handmade natural hemp designs are colorful and will provoke one, if not all, of the following emotions: happiness, elation, glee, LOVE!

Check out J.TORA at Etsy.com and try to contain yourself. :)

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April 14, 2009

The Little White Dress

It is officially permissible to wear white now that Easter has passed. Similar to the old faithful "little black dress", every woman should have a trustworthy "little white dress" that is effortless yet fabulous! Below are a few of my new favorites and I hope they become yours as well.

Adrianna Papell Belted Dot Dress at nordstrom.com

WesC Oversized Draw Neck Jumper Dress at asos.com

ASOS Bow Strap Dress at asos.com

Ruffled Halter Bra Top Dress at victoriassecret.com

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