August 31, 2010

ChiTown Fashionista Featured on Rue La La!!

Hello readers!

I've got some exciting news. *sounding the trumpets*

ChiTown Fashionista is featured on Rue La La as a guest blogger!

In the post, entitled "Blogger Bliss: Chic in Chicago", I describe some of the latest trends in Chicago street style.

Check out the items below to get an idea of what is mentioned:

Click here to view the full post on Rue La La. Check it out and comment, comment, comment!

Thanks to the staff at Rue La La for providing ChiTown Fashionista with a national platform to highlight Chicago fashion. And an EXTRA SPECIAL thanks to my readers for supporting me and spreading the word. I love you all to pieces!

P.S. If you're not a member of Rue La La, click here for the ChiTown Fashionista invite.

Photo Credits:

Women’s Look-
1. Screen tee-
2. Striped tank-
3. Floral Skirt-
4. Vintage sunglasses-
5. Crossbody bag-
6. Earrings-
7. Ring-
8. Maxi dress-

Men’s Look-
1. Screen tee-
2. Shoes (both pair) -
3. Denim pants -
4. Suspenders -
5. Button down shirt -
6. Sunglasses -
7. Socks -

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August 27, 2010

The Vintage Bazaar - Treasure Hunting in Hot Darkness

This past weekend, I attended the Vintage Bazaar. I was looking forward to it since I missed the inaugural event earlier this year. Held, this time, at the Congress Theater, I was also curious as to how they would organize the 65+ vendors for the event. As it turns out, they removed all of the lower level seating to create one large open space.

Upon entering the theater, there were two things that I, as well as my vintage shopping buddy Annette, noticed immediately - 1) The lighting was dim and 2) it was extremely PACKED! That didn't stop us from finding some great treasures, though. From belts and baubles to fur jackets and vintage eyeglasses, there was so much under one roof!

I was glad to finally meet some local vintage shop owners like Jillian of Joules Jewels (my "twitter-only" bff until then) and Coyote from Labrabbit Optics (EVERYONE wanted a pair of his frames). Although I spent majority of my time AND money with those two guys, every vendor had at least one item I wanted to take home.

Jillian (with beau, Elvis)

Coyote and his fabulous wares

My purchases:
Frames from Labrabbit Optics
Brooch from Joules Jewels
Leather Bracelets by a 12 year old named Celina (yeah. amazing!)

There were some complaints about the heat and lack of ventilation. I must admit, it did feel like being in a sauna. Additionally, the dim light made it difficult to really see the details on some of the items (which could turn out to be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it). I'm sure the organizers behind Vintage Bazaar, Katherine Raz and Libby Alexander, will work out those kinks for the next time. And you can count on yours truly being there to enjoy more of the great vintage this city has to offer.

Did you make it to the Vintage Bazaar? If so, did you find any goodies?

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August 26, 2010

Two-finger rings at Banana Republic? The trend must be here to stay.

Two-finger rings have increased in popularity over the past few months. What was once considered strictly urban wear (80s Hip-Hop, anyone?) is now mainstream. Designers like Erica Anenberg have flipped the two-finger ring to a point where it is now suitable for a night out on the town or cocktail party.

Banana Republic has recently joined the crowd and is offering its own version, the Baguette Bridge Ring. Besides the baguettes, I appreciate the space in between the fingers, which allows for a better fit and a tad more wiggle room. They look great individually but I'd probably be the one to buy two of the same ring and stack them for a bolder statement.

When a large retailer like Banana Republic, who typically caters to the professional woman, embraces a streetwear trend, it becomes popular amongst a broader audience. And that contributes to the trend's longevity.

What do you think? Have you embraced the two-finger ring trend? How long do you think this phenomenon will last?


Handbag Swoon - Max Mara Leather Tote Bag

The Max Mara Leather Tote Bag can be seen in several of the September Issues. The shape fits right in with the current trends of minimalism and timelessness but the zipper detail adds a bit of edge.

Pick one up at for $635.


August 20, 2010

Etsy Showcase - Nayacos (Dashiki Dresses)

For months I had been searching for a perfectly printed dashiki. That was until I saw a tweet from fellow blogger Princess Dominique that subsequently rocked my world. She tweeted a link to a dress she had found on Etsy for only $25. Upon clicking the link, my eyes fell upon the most fabulous dashiki dress I'd ever seen.

The Nayacos Etsy Shop is filled with dashiki dresses in a wide variety of prints and colors, all of which are priced at $25! Made with 100% cotton, they are the ultimate summertime/festival/vacation dresses. Can't you just imagine styling one of them with a vintage belt (which may require a trip to the seamstress to add belt holes) and sandals?!

The store also contains unbelievably priced maxi dresses, retro 1950s dresses and petticoats. Before you visit this Etsy shop, be sure to grab a cup a tea and cozy up to the computer because you may be there for awhile.

Now, my dilemma has went from finding a dashiki to deciding on which Nayacos dashiki dress to purchase. At a price that low, does one really need to decide?

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August 19, 2010

[Shoe Swoon] WhiteHouseBlackMarket Spectator Shootie

The triple threat...

Click photo to purchase


August 17, 2010

Me and Mulberry [+ Target]

When news broke a couple months ago about a Mulberry and Target collaboration, blogger frenzy ensued. Everyone was curious. Which iconic Mulberry bag would they recreate? Would leather be incorporated in the designs or would the bags be constructed 100% with synthetic materials? Overall, though, the consensus was a big "Who cares"? Matching up a luxury English handbag designer with a store that pumps out some of the best mass consumer collaborations is bound to be nothing short of amazing!

Now, here we are, two months later and the blogosphere is buzzing with the news that will have an early flash sale of the Mulberry + Target collection this Friday (starting at 11am CST). Can you say CRAZINESS?!

Unfortunate for me, I have a meeting scheduled from 10am -11am CST on Friday. But similar to the level of determination I had for The Outnet's $1 Sale, I will be in front of my netbook at 11am SHARP, by any means necessary. As we all know, merchandise moves fast on flash sales sites. With so much anticipation behind this collection, I predict everything will be sold out in an hour. Let's just pray to God hope one of those lucky buyers is yours truly.

I must mention - only to be politically correct - there will also be two other Target collaborations on sale that day. Feminine tops and dresses by Tucker and fabulous homegoods by John Derian. The conclusion? You're bound to find something on Gilt this Friday.

If you're not a member at, click here for a ChiTown Fashionista invite. When the sale begins, every second counts. So, be sure to setup your account and credit card information prior to the sales event.

What say you? Are you equally excited about the Mulberry + Target collection? Will you be sitting in front of the computer with your finger on the trigger Friday at 11am CST?

P.S. As always, I'll keep you posted on what I score (if anything).


Along with 99% of the world, I didn't score anything at the Gilt sale.  Everything was mysteriously sold out as soon as the sale started.  How that happened, no one knows for sure.  But as the famous saying goes, "everything happens for a reason".  The line launched in stores on October 10th and I'm SO glad I checked the bags out in person before making a purchase.  The quality left much to be desired.  There's also a lack of variety in regards to the styles available. 

If you missed out on the Gilt sale and still want to get your hands on a bag, check your local Target (highly suggested), or eBay. Let me know what you think about this collaboration. Yay or Nay?

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August 12, 2010

"Obscured Couture" - Funky Fresh Specs (Take 2)

Obscured Couture, an Etsy seller that creates one-of-a-kind glasses, has really outdone themselves as of late. I first mentioned (and fell in love with) Obscured Couture five months ago when they were mostly creating specs with chain detail. Now that I've seen that style EVERYWHERE, it's not so refreshing anymore.

Obscured Couture's offerings have changed greatly and for the better! Their Etsy shop now includes shades and nerd frames adorned with embellishments such as studs, beading, sequin and faux pearls.

Yes, they make an extremely loud statement. However, even the most conservative of fashionistas can appreciate the creativity behind each design. Plus, are these not a stylist's dream?! Imagine these in a photo shoot or even as accessories for a runway show. Magnifique!

Visit the Obscured Couture Etsy Shop to check out the current stock. And be sure to bookmark it because you never know what they'll come up with next.

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August 10, 2010

Harrods Tote Bags - A little piece of heaven

Harrods, oh how I love thee. Founded in 1824, the UK store is known worldwide for its luxury and impeccable service. I shall never forget being in London years ago and reading how Harrods gift wrapped a helicopter (click here to see it with your own eyes). For me, Harrods is more like a museum than a store. Majority of the items are priced well outside of my budget but I love to go there and marvel at all the pretty things. From clothing to furniture to electronics, this store is a shopaholic's dream!

Harrods also has THE best store-related souvenirs. From teddy bears to stationery, the souvenirs allow you to own a little piece of heaven Harrods at a minimal cost. And with international shipping, you don't have to necessarily travel to London to partake.

My personal favorites are the shopper totes.



Clockwise from top left: Store Facade, Black Cab, Classic Harrods, Knightsbridge Map

I purchased a small Black Cab tote for myself although I wasn't completely sure of the purpose it would serve. As it turns out, it has become my all-time favorite lunch bag! Stylish yet practical, this tote is such a conversation starter. Those unfamiliar with Harrods revel at the vinyl bag covered in images of the iconic London taxi. While those very well acquainted with Harrods take notice and begin to share stories of their time spent in Harrods or the UK in general.

My tote will always be one of my favorite Harrods items, even AFTER hubby presents me with a gift wrapped private jet.

Have you ever been to Harrods? If so, what is your fondest memory?


August 5, 2010

Illinois Sales Tax Holiday (August 6 - 15): Print Out. Map Out. Get Out.

It's finally here! The highly anticipated, first ever, Illinois Sales Tax Holiday officially starts tomorrow and runs through August 15th. That's right. TEN days of savings!

First, let's go over a couple details:

1. The reduced tax rate will be a result of the temporary elimination of the 5% state sales tax. This means the tax rate will be 4.75% in the city of Chicago and 1.25% to 2% in the suburbs.

2. The sales tax holiday only applies to a specific list of items, some of which have to be priced under $100 to qualify. (Click here to view the complete list)

The 5% reduction in sales tax may not make a significant impact on your shopping bill. However, let's face it, every little bit counts. Why not save a few dollars by shopping now for items you'll have to purchase anyway?

The qualifying items will definitely fulfill the bulk of your back-to-school shopping needs, with the major exceptions being computers and electronics. Plus, some of the items will also appeal to fashion mavens simply looking to take advantage of "End of Season" sales or update their Fall wardrobe. To add more incentive, some boutiques like Gamma Player will have special markdowns so that certain items will qualify for the reduced sales tax rate.*

So, print out that list, map out your strategy and get out there to boost the economy and support local businesses. Lord knows I will!

- City Soles (1566 N. Damen Ave) is having a Tax Holiday Sale (8/6 to 8/15) and removing ALL sales tax from ALL items in the store! Can you say "CRAZINESS"?!

*If I receive word of any other boutiques hosting Tax Holiday Sales, I will update the information on this post. If you receive word, feel free to leave a comment with the sale details.

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August 4, 2010

Shoe Swoon: Alexander McQueen Disco Heart Pump

Let me start by saying that I absolutely love WWD Accessories magazine. It is the most visually pleasing periodical for those that adore shoes, handbags and jewelry. As a semi-annual publication, you have to wait months in anticipation for the next one. But it's totally worth it.

As I was finishing up the Spring/Summer 2010 edition, I came across this beauty by Alexander McQueen.

With a multi-colored Swarovski crystal detail that seems to scatter the further away it gets from the lovely heart-shaped peep toe, the Disco Heart Pump is perfection! Currently sold out on the Alexander Mcqueen website, these are definitely worth stalking on eBay.

What do you think?

Side Note: Within this same edition of WWD Accessories, there is a brief interview with McQueen that tapped into his love for designing as well as his determination to transform his visions unto the runway. Almost six months after his unexpected death, I still can't believe he's gone. He had such a creative mind - I mean, the armadillo shoe may very well be the most memorable footwear of the decade. For that alone, this man could never be forgotten...


August 3, 2010

Rightcliq: The Shopping Tool by Visa - Is it an Online Shopper's Dream?

Online shopping is sort of a big deal. With 2009 e-commerce sales totaling $130 billion*, shopping online is not only popular with self-proclaimed shopaholics like myself but also with individuals simply seeking to comparison shop or find a perfect gift. But with so many e-tailers, how does one stay organized? What is the best way to share our finds with others? How do we keep track of all the items being shipped to us?

This is where Visa's new online shopping tool, Rightcliq, comes in. The goal of Rightcliq is to help you eliminate the growing list of bookmarks, cut down on those 'Email a Friend' messages you're sending to your friends from various online shops AND track all your shipments in one central location.

Here's how it works...

Rightcliq has a 'Wishspace' that keeps track of all the items you're currently lusting after. Adding items to your Wishspace is easy: go to the website of choice, click the Rightcliq by Visa plugin tab in your browser and select the item you wish to add. Rightcliq automatically gathers the necessary information (i.e. style name, purchase price) and adds it to your Wishspace. You can attach your own notes to the item or even bundle items, which is great when you want to share a group of items with friends for their opinions or with hubby for "gift ideas". Within a few minutes, I'm addicted to the Wishspace capabilities.

When you finally decide to buy something, you can use Rightcliq to track your shipments by adding the tracking number(s) to your account. This allows you to check the status of all your packages in one spot. Needless to say, I can't wait to try out this feature.

The perks also include the 'Latest Offers' section on your dashboard that list current deals at some of your favorite e-tailers.

As a newly launched tool, Rightcliq may initially experience some bumps in the road. However, with its innovative concept and attempt to address the many needs of the savvy online shopper, I am ready for the ride. Will you be joining me?**

Sign up on the Rightcliq website to get the plugin and begin optimizing your online shopping experience.

** There are some privacy concerns surrounding Rightcliq. Make sure you read the
Privacy Policy to determine if there are any functions within Rightcliq you'd like to avoid.

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