December 29, 2009

Shoe Swoon - Maison Martin Margiela 22

I already own the all leather version of this shoe in taupe. However, this leather and suede combination is to die for! *swoon*

It's available at only in European sizes 38 and 40. The price? Well, it's priced at $235, which is about 35% off the original price of $360. This is the perfect opportunity to add some Margiela to your wardrobe!


December 27, 2009

My New Favorite Cardigan!! (courtesy of Norma Kamali)

As most of you know, there are many high-end designers collaborating with stores such as Target, Walmart and JC Penney to create affordable designer lines for the masses. When I initially heard about the Norma Kamali line at Walmart, I wasn't all that excited. This was partially due to the fact that I've rarely ever bought clothing from Walmart. I still went ahead and visited to see what the Norma Kamili's line had to offer. There were a few standout pieces but I immediately fell in love with the Athletic Batwing Cardigan. The batwing sleeves coupled with the cocoon-like shape created a sweater like any other I had ever seen. Unfortunately, they were all sold out. So, when I saw it in person on Black Friday, I was beaming because a) it was the only one in the store and b) although it was a medium, it fit like a glove! The quality was much higher than I had expected. Although it's cotton-blend jersey (think PhysEd uniform), I could envision dressing it up or down. I've already worn it with skinny jeans as well as tweed shorts and received many compliments on both occasions. I went to a few days ago and noticed they had restocked the cardigan and in every color! I currently own the black but now want the red and cobalt blue. It is also available in light pink, light grey, dark brown and cream.

Now, if you plan on ordering this cardigan, I suggest you order a size down. I'm normally a Large but, as previously mentioned, the Medium fits perfectly. It's available for $18, which means that you can afford to get any and every color your little heart desires. That being said....Happy Shopping!!


December 23, 2009

♥ Happy Holidays ♥

*background photo courtesy of

December 17, 2009

Twice As Nice: The "Twosome" Ring

As we all know, two-finger rings were first introduced to the mainstream in the late 80s and are prevalent once again in the new millennium. This time around, it seems as though more "every day people" are taking part in the trend. This is partly due to the fact that there are some jewelry designers incorporating their own unique flair into the original ring to make it more appealing to a broader range of fashionistas.

I've never really considered buying a two-finger ring until now. And the reason why comes down to two words...Erica. Anenberg. Erica Anenberg, who has coined her two-finger ring as the "twosome", has managed to create designs that are edgy yet classy. My ultimate favorites are the ones topped with Swarovski crystals. The feminine and flirty design says, "I like pretty things but I don't take life too seriously". *swoon*

The prices for the Twosomes range from $65 (for the Classic Cosmo Twosome) to $144 (for the Classic Sparkle Twosome that is encrusted with 100 Swarovski crystals)!

Here are some more of my favorites:

Check out the entire ring collection at and pick up one just it time for Christmas. There's ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with treating yourself. Plus, Santa's already stated that you've been very good this year. ;-)

P.S. There is also a small selection of Erica Anenberg jewelry at Here you may come across slightly better prices and larger ring sizes.


Handbag Swoon - ASOS Art Deco Beaded Clutch

December 15, 2009

When Friends Inspire....

It's my girl Shana! The plaid belted cape with the yellow handbag is perfection.


December 13, 2009

Finding the Perfect "Puffy" Coat

I've had many conversations regarding where to find the perfect down coat (a.k.a. "puffy coat"). Although we want to stay warm, we don't want to look like oversized snowmen! Fortunately, I was able to find a fabulous Michael Kors down coat a couple years ago that's practical yet fashionable. If you're wondering what makes a puffy coat fashionable, there's one simple answer....FIT!

When searching for the perfect winter coat, it is very important that it accentuates your curves if you have them or creates curves if you don't. It's always best to try coats on before buying. My favorite places to look for coats are Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Maxx or online. When shopping online, there's no opportunity to try before you buy. Therefore, it is important to look for key words within the description such as "belted in the waist", "contoured waist", "panel (or band) around waist" or "princess seams". These are great indicators that the coat will not be straight and boxy. A belt or panel around the waist will cinch in the coat at the smallest point of your body (for most). And what are princess seams? If you notice the seams of the coat are creating a shape like this -> )( , you've got you a winner!

Below are some perfect puffy coats that I've seen online recently. My goal was to find coats that were available in a variety of know I have to look out for the women that are size 14 and up. So, if you've had problems finding a form-fitting down coat, check these out for a little inspiration.

Eddie Bauer Yukon Classic Down Duffle Coat
Plus Size

Larry Levine Long Pillow Collar - Macy's:
Plus Size

Marc New York Long Belted Down Coat - Bloomingdale's (Regular Size only)

Larry Levine Down with Faux Fur Hood - Macy's (Plus Size only)

More of my favorites...

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December 10, 2009

Coat Swoon - Dorothy Perkins Fit Flare Dress Coat

December 9, 2009

The One of a Kind Show: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I've always heard about the One of a Kind Show but never had a chance to attend. So, when I received complimentary tickets this year, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to check it out.

Over 500 artists selling everything from paintings and sculptures to clothing and jewelry?! I honestly didn't know what to expect. I must say it was a fantastic event! I attended 2 days in a row for approximately 2 hours each day and STILL didn't have time to check out everything.

Here's a little glimpse into the Good, the Bad and the Ugly from my One of A Kind Show experience.


The One of a Kind Show is the perfect place to find gifts for people that have EVERYTHING....while making a few purchases for yourself, of course. ;-) Almost all of the vendors were selling items I had never seen before. There even was an Etsy Pavilion (aka "Heaven on Earth", at least in my mind) showcasing Etsy artists. This is why it takes so long to see everything. Every booth draws you in and forces you to spend at least 15 minutes admiring everything and contemplating purchases.

Here are just a few of my favorite vendors from the One of a Kind Show:
*check out the pics below*

- Rebel Designs: Everything in this booth was tres chic! My favorites were the handbags and the embellished leather bracelets.

- Cerese D: Lovely handcrafted jewelry. I immediately fell in love with the bold necklaces.

- Dandy Craft: Unique ceramic jewelry with my favorites being the bracelets and rings.

- Lumiere Designs: Adjustable necklaces, dare I say neck cuffs, that look SO funky. I almost walked away with 2 of these.

- Poési: Delicate and feminine jewelry. Some of the most unique dangle/drop earrings I've ever seen!

- Gigi Bijou: Handmade paper jewelry. The earrings were my favorites and Gigi is one of THE coolest people I met at the show!

- Pencil Lady: An array of items constructed with pencils. The furniture creations are definite conversation pieces.

- Mary Pat Wallen: Amazing wall and 3D sculptures. I'm 100% sure that when hubby and I buy a house, her work will be one of the first in our home.

- Anastasia Mak: Beautiful artwork of monuments in Chicago and abroad. I fell head over heels for all of her European prints!

1st row:
Rebel Designs Oval Crystal Cuff
Dandy Craft Poppy Yellow Cocktail Ring

2nd row:
Poési In The Shade Earrings
Pencil Lady Table

3rd row:
"Cloud Gate" by Anastasia Mak
"Colosseum After Rain " by Anastasia Mak

The BAD:

I'm not usually one to criticize or complain on my blog but the level of disappointment and disgust I experienced with one of my purchases has prompted me to do so.

While at the show, I purchased an absolutely gorgeous pair of earrings and a ring from a certain vendor. Since I was on a strict budget, I had to be sure that I was completely in love with whatever I was planning to buy. Needless to say, I was completely enamored with both the ring and earrings. Unfortunately, once I got home and begin researching the vendor online, I realized I had paid 30% more for my items than what was offered on the vendor's website. I never would've thought that a vendor at a show would charge MORE than normal. At these types of shopping events, I don't assume items are always on sale - although that would be nice - but at the most, I expect to be paying no more than the retail price. I was floored! And also determined to go back the following day to discuss this issue with said vendor...


When I confronted the vendor, she initially said that the extra costs would've otherwise been paid for shipping costs if I ordered online. Huh? 30%? I've never even paid that much when purchasing items from overseas. Then she goes on further to say that she's from New York and that it costs to participate in the show. I simply told her that she could either refund me the difference or take all of the items back so that I could order online. Although, she eventually refunded me the difference, her reaction was very unpleasant, to say the least.

I will not say that this has tainted my view of the show or the other vendors. However, I WILL say that her unprofessionalism and disdain response was highly unacceptable. I can only imagine the number of consumers who unknowingly dished out their hard-earned money to purchase her items at a premium. Simply. Ridiculous.

So, who might this vendor be? *drum roll*

Sorry, but I won't say at this time. I still feel uncomfortable putting people on blast...I guess it's the God in me. :-) I will, however, contact the wonderful people behind this magnificent event to let them know.

*Fellow bloggers, let me know if revealing the name is appropriate.*

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the One of a Kind Show! I will not let this minor incident deter me from attending for years to come. As a matter of fact, I'm already contemplating starting a "One of a Kind Show fund". Who knew being unique could get SO expensive?! LOL

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December 7, 2009

Boot Swoon - Dolce Vita Braxton Boot

Lately, I have an affinity for boots with hardware. Needless to say, the Braxton Boot by Dolce Vita is no exception. I absolutely LOVE this boot! The rocker chic look as well as gold hardware are characteristics very prevalent in footwear nowadays. I also appreciate the fact that it can instantly ramp up a simplistic outfit (ie: all black). That's music to the ears of people like me that wait until the last minute to decide what to wear for the day.

Keep in mind, however, that this is NOT a boot for one who wants to blend into the background. You WILL get a good way, that is.

Head on over to to pick up a pair OR just add it to your Christmas wishlist. I'll put in a good word to Santa for ya!


December 4, 2009

My TJ Maxx Shopping Spree Inspires!

As you may or may not know, I won a $250 TJ Maxx gift card giveaway at Afrobella (aka Patrice) and I had a BALL shopping for cold-weather-chic items. We both went over the amount of our gift cards, which I already figured would happen since TJ Maxx has so much good stuff!

As soon as Afrobella posted the videos, I received a lot of positive feedback. One of my favorites, is from my friend/sister-n-law/fellow diva who stated that the scarf segment inspired her to rock her printed scarf the following day. How cool is that?! I had her send a pic and I must say she looks absolutely darling! Now, let's just see if she'll let me borrow that fabulous scarf. :-)

Check out the videos below to see my tips on winter accessories as well as all the items I purchased during my shopping spree. Then, let me know what great items you've found at TJ Maxx recently. I just love hearing about bargains!

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